Saturday 23 October 2021
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Welcome to Earth

Welcome to our website. We hope you find it interesting.

COVID-19 Information: 20/03/20 Due to the current situation with Covid-19, EARTH has regretfully had to close until further notice, we will close initially for 4 weeks then re-assess the situation but we could be closed for longer.
We have contacted everyone affected by our closure and we will contact everyone as and when we will be able to re-open.
Stay safe, wash your hands and we will hopefully be up, running and see everyone again soon.

EARTH enables people of a range of ages with varying abilities to work alongside each other in real horticultural situations.

There is no doubt that many people with difficulties have been helped greatly by their involvement with EARTH, especially in their self-esteem and their social skills, remembering that a small improvement for one person can be a considerable step for someone with a lower level of achievement and expectation.

Our Mission Statement

Enabling people of a range of ages with various abilities to work alongside each other in real horticultural situations

Enhancing prospects for adults with learning difficulties and for young people

Providing a safe environment for individuals to learn to cooperate with others in a group or team

Encouraging life-long learning

The Charity's objects are to provide or assist in the provision of facilities for recreation and leisure time occupation to adults who have learning difficulties by giving them opportunities to acquire horticultural skills through training and work experience.

EARTH is registered with the Charity Commission: 1094379
Chairman: Victoria Hearne-Casapieri, Treasurer: Lynn Nangle,

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